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In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo you will enjoy all water sports... ski, parachute ride, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-ski, banana boat ride, sail-boards, surfing and many, many more. Water sports from US$15.00 and up. Sports available on Playa La Ropa, Playa Las Gatas, Playa El Palmar and Playa Linda beaches and also at the Island.

Of course, you don't need to rent anything to have a fun time swimming, playing beach volleyball or soccer, jogging or taking a breath-hold dive to see if you can find one of our clams, among the many other activities that you can do in our beaches.


IXTAPA: If your are staying in a non-beach hotel there are three public entrances on the boulevard and you may use the public areas facilities of some hotels if you do a consumption (meals, drinks, etc.) but check first to be sure they allow non-guests. ZIHUATANEJO: There are many public entrances to the bay beaches, you will find many seashore restaurants with a variety of services.

For something really exciting, adventure after a lifetime experience of catching a Sailfish or Marlin or any other of the many species that we have in our waters. (See "Deep Sea Fishing" section for more information)

For underwater fans we have Scuba Diving with more than 30 world class sites around us. Tours for beginners and experts, even for first timers with a fast professional training. Tours include qualified guide/instructor. We also have many great places for snorkeling. (Check "Scuba Diving, Snorkel & Surfing" section for detailed information)


If you love Golf, we have two excellent courses, home of famous national and international tournaments. Club de Golf Palma Real Ixtapa (Palma Real Golf Club) and Club de Golf Marina Ixtapa (Marina Ixtapa Golf Club). (See "Golf and Tennis" option for more details)

"Club de Golf Palma Real Ixtapa" is an 18 holes course designed by Robert Trent-Jones Jr. "Club de Golf Marina Ixtapa" is an 18 holes course designed by Robert Von Hagge. Both courses offer good challenges to the golfers.

Or if tennis is your thing, some hotels have their own playing fields for their guests but these golf clubs also offer more than ten courts open to the general public. Day and night games, US$15.00 and up per hour, previous reservation is usually required depending on season.

Reserve tennis courts well in advance during high season, we get many tennis "nuts" than want to play all day long while enjoying our great tropical weather.

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We also have very good surfing places in town and others from 15 to 60 min. away. (See "Scuba Diving & Surfing" section for more information)

If adventure is in your mind, we have shops that offer guided bicycle rides, kayak, horseback riding, rappel and other great adrenalin perk-up options or if you prefer something more relaxing, take a city tour, a countryside, the island, sunset cruise, Petatlan's Church, etc. (See "Tours on your own and with operators" in menu)



King of Kings

If you have a chance visit the KING OF KINGS. A 12 feet high bronze sculpture of Christ submerged in Zihuatanejo's Bay. Before its immersion the statue visited many churches, including Basilica de Guadalupe Church in Mexico City, where it was blessed and masses held on its honor. A miniature replica was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI on January 2007. Boat from Main Pier or snorkel from Playa Las Gatas beach, or ask your tour operator.

If you'll visit it by swimming (snorkeling) take a life jacket as a backup precaution. You may get tired.

For additional information on activities, check "Tours on your own and with Operators" option in menu.

For Children and Adults

Beside all the entertainment you'll find for them in our beaches, for an extra fun time you can take them to....

Magic World

MAGIC WORLD an aquatic recreation park in the area of Ixtapa. Waves pool, toboggans, pirate ship, etc. Fun for all ages. Open to the public from 9:00a.m. during high seasons and holidays and only on weekends in low season.
DELFINITI IXTAPA. Swim with Dolphins in Ixtapa. Options available are... Swim with dolphins, Encounter with dolphins, Delfiniti Kids for youngsters from 3 to 7 years old, Baby dolphin for babies 6 to 30 months old, Delfiniti family and Dolphin Assisted Therapy. For service hours check directly with Delfiniti or with your tour operator. Good for children and adults.


Adventure Park

PARQUE AVENTURA (Adventure Park) in Ixtapa. Walk through trees with hanging bridge, lianas, foot bridge, zip-line, etc. From 4 to 9 meters (13 to 30 ft.) high for adults and at 1 meter (3 ft.) for children. Open daily from 10:00a.m. 'till 5:00p.m. during high season and only on weekends during low season.
PARK BIO LA ESCOLLERA. Conservation is the main objective of this park, striving to protect native species. The tour includes the insectariums, the botanical garden with its more than 120 feet high waterfall, the iguana sanctuary and the animals reserve to view birds and mammals typical of our region from a vantage point. Open from 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Approx. US$3.50 per person. Guided tours in Spanish, English or French approx. US$8.00 extra. Camino Escenico a Las Gatas, playa La Ropa beach, Zihuatanejo.

Park Bio

Potosi Refuge

REFUGIO DE POTOSI. Ecological park in a rainforest. Observation tower at 15 meters (50 feet) high. Tropical path. Butterfly observatory. Iguana reserve. Macaws refuge. Hummingbirds sanctuary. Open from 9:00a.m. to 5.00p.m. At 25 km (15 miles) of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo toward Playa Blanca beach and Barra de Postosi (Potosi river mouth). You can go by car, taxi or bus.
As of December 2013 the park has close down operations until further notice.

CULTURAL SUNDAYS at Main Plaza in Zihuatanejo. Every Sunday the City Hall's Cultural House offers a variety of shows and entertainments for the whole family. From 6:00p.m. Free admission.


In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo if your goal is to relax... enjoy our sun on one of our clean and golden sandy beaches, take a dreaming stroll along its shores or a relaxing swim in the warm and calm waters of our pacific bay.

After that, what about a delicious and refreshing Piņa Colada (from US$3.50) or a Frozen Margarita (from US$2.50) while reclined in a hammock under a cool and typical "palapa"... what a hard time... ah!!!

Cheapest cocktails are those prepared with domestic liquors.


Make your dreams come true in this romantic, natural and enjoyable atmosphere.

In Zihuatanejo's bay we have the world famous La Madera, La Ropa, Principal and Las Gatas beaches. Ixtapa has El Palmar beach with more than 2 miles long of white sands and Linda beach closely. Nearby are Don Juan, Don Rodrigo, Quieta and Las Cuatas beaches, all of them very charming and clean. To the south of Zihuatanejo you will find Manzanillo, El Riscalillo, Larga and Blanca beaches, among many others.

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You have a choice of more than 20 miles of beaches of singular natural beauty around our area, refuge of ancient Tarascan Kings (Check "Our History" and "Our Beaches" sections)

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