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Scuba Diving

If scuba diving is your vice or if you have declared yourself an "aquaholic", you have just come to the right place because Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo can offer you WORLD CLASS DIVING without world class crowds.


We have over 30 great sites around us and we are sure that you will run out of vacation time before you run out of the diversity of sites we have around.

Some of ours first class sites are: Morro de Potosí, Piedra Solitaria, Sacramento, Bajo de Jaime, Bajo de Chato, Bajo del Borracho, Manzanillo, Cueva de la Gata and many others. Some less spectacular sites but still worthwhile are: Las Gatas, Contramar and Caleta de Chon, among many others.

Local diving shops and schools have many options for you. From beginners up to experts, even for first timers with a fast and very safe training by a professional instructor. Certification courses are also available by some certified NAUI or PADI facilities with bilingual instructors if you are interested on it.


Dives start at US$75.00 including equipment and supervision by a qualified guide/instructor or you can bring your own equipment if you feel more comfortable with it.

If you are a Certified Diver bring proof of it, so they may log your dives or in case you decide to take an upgrading course. If you are a first timer, please don't take risks, take a safe course with a qualified divers school.

Diving shops offer one and two air-tanks dives. Day and evenings dives and some schools offer night outings for those who like extra excitement and adventures. Remember that you'll have continuous guidance by qualified instructor.

Also, you may take a specialty course that some local schools are certified for and offer.


Basic recommendations for first timers. Do not eat solid foods the last 12 hours before your dive, do not dive if you have breathing or ears problems, you must not fly for at least 20 hours after your last dive or you may have very serious health problems because of the nitrogen in you blood. The instructor will advice you about all this, take it seriously and follow instructions!!!

In case of a decompression emergency at the Navy Hospital in Ixtapa they have a Hyperbaric Chamber operated by qualified personnel and available for all divers.

We also have some great snorkeling areas (diving with mask, air tube and optional flippers). The best sites are located in Playa Las Gatas, Playa Manzanillo beaches and at Ixtapa Island.


Snorkel equipment is available for rent at Las Gatas and at the Island. Most shops have a set fee for as long as you want to use it. Of course, you have to return the equipment before the shop closes down for the day. Take an I.D. along, they may ask you for one as a guarantee for the return of the rented equipment.

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To see a map with a list of excellent sites for scuba diving and snorkeling, with approx. location, rating and dive-site's name click here (a pop-up window will open).

 Diving guide

When in town, try to take a look at the "Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Guía de Buceo 98" ('98 Diving Guide) that some dive shops still have around. It is really full of detailed information about all our diving sites and very worthwhile to peek at. Picture on left side is in the cover of the guide.

Average annual water temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. For experienced divers it is recommended to bring your own "wetsuit" (3mm) as help against possible scratches.

By the way, do you know what the word SCUBA means?... answer at bottom of page.

"King Neptune"
1924 - 2001†

 Oliverio Maciel

The best diver in the history of Zihuatanejo. His life was dedicated to the sea and diving. Great promoter of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo land he loved deeply. Founder of the first diving school in Zihuatanejo. Excellent guide, instructor and teacher of several generations of divers from his shop at Playa Las Gatas beach. He collaborated with Jacques Cousteau when he made ​​documentaries in Mexico and traveled with him on his ship Calypso. For his great experience at sea he was hired to act in films like Tintorera (Blue shark), The Child and the Sea, Stories of King Neptune, among several others. Charismatic, hospitable, good-natured, a character and a legend of Zihuatanejo. They say that if reincarnation exists, Oliverio will return as a fish. Zihuatanejo will remember him forever.


For those who love surfing, definitively we do not have the big waves of other resorts like Hawaii, Australia, etc. but also our waters are not so dangerous. Nonetheless, in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and nearby areas you will find very good places for a full day of fun surfing.

In our resort we had very important tournament such as The Latin-American Tour with rating for the World Surfing Tournament, among others. For information of upcoming surfing activities check "News & Events"


Within our town, Las Escolleras and Playa Linda beach are your best spots and other option is Playa Las Gatas beach. If you don't mind traveling a bit, only 30 to 45 minutes away there is La Saladita and El Rancho or in the other direction,  La Barrita, all of them with bigger waves, and just 60 minutes away is Playa Petacalco beach in the town of the same name with usually the biggest waves in our region. Other places are Manzanillo Bay and Majahua in nearby  Troncones.

Local surfing shops offer boards for rental and some also for wind-surfing.

Rental boards are usually the short type or styrofoam body for inexperience surfers. If you are accustom to use the professional ones, then we recommend to bring your own. No problem with customs if you are coming from abroad.

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For further information you may contact the local representative of "Asociacion de Surfing del Estado de Guerrero A.C." (Guerrero's State Surfing Assoc.) at e-mail catchalola333@prodigy.net.mx

I love surfing


Surfing Spots

For surf forecast and reports of our area click here (Courtesy surf-forecast.com, new window will open)

Answer to the SCUBA question... its the abbreviation of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, neat ah!

Another answer submitted by a visitor... Seldom Comes Up Breathing Again... it is a joke, but that might be true for some irresponsible divers, don't be one of them!


CATCHA L'OLA SURFING. Surfing lessons, surfing trips, shop, surfboards and bodyboards rentals and repair. Centro Comercial Kiosco, L12, Ixtapa. 553-1384. www.ixtapasurf.com

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