Ixtapa Zihuatanejo - Photo tour of our resort

Photos are not in a specific order, they are general photos of our resort

Photo Tour

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01 View of Ixtapa

02 Zihuatanejo Bay. View from El Riscalillo

03 Boulevard that connects Ixtapa with Zihuatanejo

04 Kiosk. Shopping Center. Ixtapa

05 Pier. Zihuatanejo Bay. Playa Principal beach

06 Marina Ixtapa. Docking area and restaurants strip

07 Shopping Center in Ixtapa

08 Sunset at Playa El Palmar beach. Ixtapa

09 Ixtapa island. Air view

10 Playa La Ropa beach. Zihuatanejo

11 Marina Ixtapa. Air view

12 Marina Ixtapa. Night view

13 Playa Las Gatas beach. Zihuatanejo

14 Playa El Palmar beach. Ixtapa

15 Playa La Ropa beach. Zihuatanejo

16 Hotel. Ixtapa. Night view

17 Hotel. Zihuatanejo

18 Pleasure ship in the bay. Zihuatanejo

19 Catholic church. Downtown. Zihuatanejo

20 Ixtapa island. Air view

21 Sunrise at the lagoon. Barra de Potosí

22 Playa Las Gatas beach. Air view

23 Ride in catamaran. Zihuatanejo

24 Zihuatanejo Bay. Sunset view

25 Boulevard to Airport
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