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Long Distance & Local Calls

From January 1st., 2015 all long distance calls within Mexico are considered as local calls, thus the cost of them are handle as a local call regardless to where in the country it's made. This applies to both landlines (fixed phones) and cellular phones.

If you'll be using your cell phone from another country in Mexico, inquire with your service provider how they handle calls to local and national numbers within Mexico. They may apply long distance charges. Inquire to be sure and to prevent a surprise on your next monthly bill.

Most hotels will apply a service charge on local and national calls and offer to their guests International Long Distance services charged to the room or collect calls.

Public phone

Telmex, the Public Phones company also allows Collect, Telephone Company Cards and with charge to a Credit Card besides regular (direct) International Long Distance calls from all Digital Public Phones. Practically, all phones in our towns are digital. For Collect calls and similar, you must dial 090 for International Services. If you require an English speaking operator, press "2" after dialing 090. For direct dialing without operator assistance, see chart below.

Additionally, we have Casetas de Larga Distancia (Long Distance Service Shops). Most use voice-over-internet consequently, communications sometimes could have a slight voice delay or echo. Their rates may be similar to those of Public Phones, but check first. This type of service don't allow collect or credit cards calls.

Also, you may purchase at shops Pre-Paid-Phone-Cards for Long Distance calls from many companies (Telmex, AT&T, etc.). You can use them in any public or private phone. Just call the "toll free" number listed in the Phone-Card and give the security code to the company's operator. If you do it from a hotel or business phone you may be required to pay an additional local service charge.

If you are planning to buy pre-paid long distance cards in your country to use them while in Mexico, be sure they are the type that are valid for our country or they will not honor them. Inquire at time of purchase.

To use a Public Phone you must purchase a Ladatel-Card (Phone-Card) at shops, drug stores, etc.; just watch for signs. Equivalency values, approx. US$3.00, US$5.00 and US$10.00. They look like a credit card with an imprinted chip and will have different advertisement graphics on it. Value in pesos is printed on the front.

Ladatel card

International Long Distance calls from Public Phones usually have the cheapest rates with discounts during evenings and on weekends. The cost of long distance calls in Mexico have been drastically reduced since the opening of competition in services, but nonetheless, be aware that even the lowest rates may be more expensive than in the USA, Canada and other countries.

To find out how to dial Local-Local, Local-National or Local-International calls without operator assistance, check chart below.

As of August 3rd, 2019, the prefixes 01 (for national long distance and 800 numbers), 044 (for local cell phone calls) and 045 (for national cell phone calls) were discontinued. Now all calls within Mexico to landlines and cell phones only require to dial the Area Code and the phone number (a total of 10 digits). For local fixed phone (landline) to fixed phone (landline) calls the Area Code is not required (only dial 7 digits).

How to make a call chart

Local and long distance calls from Public Phones cost MX$3.00 (approx. US$0.30) per call without time limit. Remember that you have to use your Ladatel-Card (Phone Card) to make a call. From hotels and other phones, the service could be higher and/or charged by the minute.

Many of the 800's numbers of USA, Canada and other countries ARE NOT "Toll Free" from Mexico. If you dial and get a recording or you're not connected, it means you must use 001+880 digits instead of 800. Same for 888 numbers if you get a recording or are not connected, you must dial 001+881 instead. For 877 numbers use 001+882 and for 866 dial 001+883. If you're required to use codes 880, 881, 882 or 883 it's NOT A TOLL FREE call and you will be charged.

Other companies that offer Calling Cards, Credit Cards and Collect Calls are:

AT&T World Phone (Alestra) 800-288-2872
MCI World Access 800-021-8000
Teleglobe Canada (Telus) 800-123-0200
Network America * 001-800-910-8689

*Accepts only calls with credit card and collect. Its number is toll-free from Mexico to USA.

Cellular Phones

The cellular providers we have in town are TELCEL, MOVISTAR and AT&T offering international "roaming" service, so your cell phone may work here if you are coming from abroad. If you want to be sure, inquire in advance with your local supplier to see if one of these companies have a coop agreement with your provider.

If your cell doesn't work, an option is to buy a "local chip number" that you can put on your own cell (approx. cost of the chip US$10.00) or a basic cell (from US$20.00 and up). On both options, you'll be using pre-paid cards that you can buy almost everywhere (shops, drug stores, etc.)

All our cellular phones have a 7 digits number and they start with 551, 556, 557, 558, 559, 100, 101, 102, 104, 108, 110, 111, 113, 114, 115, 118, 120, 121, etc.

Phone numbers that start with 103 and 112 are fixed phones (landlines), not cell phones.

Mails, Telegraphs & Faxes
The cost to send a post-card by air mail it's approx. US$0.75 to any point in the Americas and US$1.50 to Europe and Asia. You can purchase required stamps at Oficinas de Correos (Post Office) or at shops (look for signs). We have six Buzon Expresso (Express Mail Boxes, located 3 in Ixtapa and 3 in Zihuatanejo) where the postman will collect the letters at least twice a day except weekends, this will assure you that your mail will begin its delivery process faster. "Local" slot means domestic mail and "Foraneo" means foreign mail. Some boxes are being replaced with different shapes and colors of the one shown here.

We recommend the use of mail boxes located at hotel's lobbies or front desk, the "Expresso" type or at the Post Office, so your post-card will get there before you do.


For those who still use telegrams, our TeleComm office is located beside the post office. Hours from 9:00a.m. until 2:00p.m. from Mondays through Fridays.

Many hotels offer Fax Service for their guests but also many of the long distance shops will have them for the general public use. Rates vary from shop to shop.


Most hotels offer e-mail service (send-receive) free of charge for their guests and many Wi-Fi Internet, free or with charge, you'll have to inquire. You can also get e-mail and internet navigation services through local Internet-Cafe, Cafe-Net, Cyber-Cafe or similar, located in many places in Zihuatanejo and a few in Ixtapa. The best ones are air conditioned.

In Zihuatanejo shops you can rent internet time for approx. US$1.00 per hour and US$1.50 in places with air conditioner. In Ixtapa it's about US$2.00 also with air conditioner.

Some shops break their rent time in 15 or 30 minutes spans so you won't have to paid for a full hour.


The fastest connections are found in shops that offer "High Speed DSL" that goes up to 20mb and "Digital or Cable" that goes from 20mb and up, you'll have to inquire. Some advertise their speed on windows.

Nowadays most hotels from 3 star and up offer free WiFi internet for their guests. Check at the front desk.

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