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Tours & Side-Trips

Local Tour and Ground Operator Agencies offer a large variety of tours, side-trips, entertainment and activities in and nearby Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

Most tours can be purchased at hotel's lobbies Tour Operators' hospitality desks. In the case of small hotels without hospitality desks, the personnel at the front desk will put you in touch with the Tour Operator Agency that offers service to the hotel's front door.

Take note that tours listed herein may not be available at certain times of the year or may be temporarily discontinued. Consult a tour-operator.

Fiesta Mexicana - Savor the taste of a vast Mexican cuisine buffet dinner and open bar.

Get caught up in sights and sounds... the mariachi, the violins, the guitars, the brass, the vitality of traditional Mexican dances. Contest and ruffles. Fun for all the family. From US$45.00. Children under 12 years old, half price.


Countryside & Barra (River & Sea) - Discover nature wonders. Visit tropical fruit plantations, experience the production of Terracotta clay work and peek on a bird sanctuary where the sea meets a river. US$69.00 including lunch.


Magical Sunset Cruises - Sail through a spectacular sunset in a catamaran and then steal across a sea under a blanket of stars. Romance and magic at its best. Music and fun. Open bar, US$59.00

Fiesta Bamba Yacht - Offers three types of tours: "Fiesta Snorkel" in the morning, "Fiesta Sunset" in the evenings and "Fiesta Bay" with disco music at night. From US$30.00 depending on tour. Some tours includes snack and/or open bar. Check with your tour operator for full information.

Las Gatas Beach - Feels like getting into a giant sea water swimming pool because of its rock reef built by our ancestors, that works as a waves breaker. Lots and lots of snorkeling and great time. Lunch included, US$37.00

King of Kings - A visit to the 12 feet high bronze statue of Christ sunken in Zihuatanejo's Bay near Las Gatas Beach. By boat.

If you are adventurous and a good swimmer, you can snorkel from the beach to its location around the reef. Take a life jacket as precaution.

ATV's Tour - Experience the excitement of conquering one of the most beautiful environments of our region. All terrain vehicles (ATV) are easily mastered by all drivers and provide a smooth and safe ride for everyone. Soft drinks included. A very experienced guide on this type of tour will go along. US$125.00 for one person or US$135.00 for two in same ATV.

Ixtapa Island - Swim, snorkel, fish from its shore or just relax and get a gorgeous suntan. Explore the three bountiful beaches. Partake in water sports offered, have lots of fun. Delicious seafood lunch by the sea. From US$37.00 and US$57.00 with snorkel included.

Ixtapa Island

Horseback Riding - From a "Playa Linda" beach ranch near Ixtapa. Docile and tranquil horses. Visit the country side like old times, including Pantla River. Experienced horseman will guide you and go with you during the whole trip. Also available at "Playa Larga" beach near Zihuatanejo, with a ride along this beautiful open sea beach and to the natural wildlife lagoon. From US$55.00


Petatlan - Bound to nearby Petatlan's main square only 25 min. from our town, where you'll visit their small and typical "gold market" and the famous "Cristo Jesus de Petatlan" church where many miracles are said to have happened. Lunch is included.

Many catholic worshipers come from all over our country and from abroad to ask for help and miracles to the renown and loved "Papa Chuy"

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo City Tour US$33.00 and Zihuatanejo Resort Tour with a delicious sunset dinner included from US$59.00

Or what about a guided tour on Kayak, or one of bird watching, or bicycle exploration, or jungle hiking or another of the many adventure and fun tours we have available in our area.

 and many more tours...
these are just a small sample !!!

Most tours provide round trip transportation from your hotel, experienced bilingual guides and a super fantastic time on all of them!

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To view a basic list of available tours and side trips click here (a pop-up window will open)

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If you plan to buy a tour (fishing, diving, sightseeing, etc) don't do it from a person on the street or on the beach, he may not comply with the offering and you will loose your money and time.

On your own


Larga beach and Barra de Potosi

Playa Larga Beach - Many informal seashore restaurants with good seafood and reasonable prices. Lots of tan and a very long beach but be very careful, it's open sea.

Barra de Potosi (River & Sea) - Where almost in any restaurant you can pick the fish you want them to cook at your liking and taste. Reasonable prices. Sea and river beach in the same spot.

Archaeology Museum - Located on "Playa Principal" beach. Many relics from our region. Cultural and interesting. US$1.00 donation fee. Bilingual museum guide is available for an extra fee and it is highly recommended if you don't speak Spanish.

Playa Las Gatas Beach - You must take a short boat ride across Zihuatanejo's bay (approx. a 10 min. trip). Buy round trip ticket at the main pier, approx. US$4.00 per person. Check for time of last boat returning to pier, service usually from 8:00a.m. 'till 6:00p.m. The boats run like a shuttle-bus, you can take any boat going or coming back but it has to be from the same company (cooperative) you bought your ticket; just show it to them. You can also hire them for an exclusive round trip. Lots of restaurants and activities here.

Ixtapa Island - You can take the boat from the Playa Linda pier, approx. a 10 min. boat ride. Buy round trip ticket at pier, approx. US$4.00 per person. Check for time of last boat returning to mainland, service usually from 8:00a.m. 'till 5:00p.m. Boats operate as Playa Las Gatas beach shuttle.

Ixtapa Island

Food and drinks prices are higher at the island than in mainland.

 Or discover on your own any of the
many interesting and beautiful places
we have around our area

If you'll like to do your own discovery tours, please seek advice from the personnel at your hotel on how to get there and what you can expect to find and do.

Consider that sometimes it may be cheaper to buy a tour from an operator than to do it on your own, specially for those that have transportation, meal and activities included.

Archaeology & Ecology Tours
Some tour-operators agencies offer tours to the town of "La Soledad de Maciel", also known as "La Chole", for a visit to the archaeological site of Xihuacán. This site is still under research and exploration but with some pyramids and monuments restorations that are worthwhile to see. A visit to its new Museum is a must, to be able to admire the many and beautiful relics found in this area up to now. You'll also take a look at areas under restoration process. About 30 min. from our towns. It is very highly recommended not to make this tour on your own, purchase it through a tour-operator and be escorted by an official guide (bilingual). Full tour with transportation US$70.00


Restoration of the area will continue at different paces during the next years according to the annual budgets assigned by the I.N.A.H. (National Institute of Anthropology and History) for this project.

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Please do not take, buy or try to get out of the area or of the country any genuine archaeological relic. It's against the law and it's severely punished. Your guide can advise you where to buy good imitations.

View of some pieces found in the area and a monolith

Also, some tour-operators offer an Ecological Tour to San Valentin in nearby Petatlan. About one hour from Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. An almost 100% virgin area. You'll see wild ducks, albatrosses and herons in their natural habitat of their big lagoon, doves and a wide variety of birds. A Federal Government Camp for the Preservation of the Sea Turtle, a very exuberant flora and a beach that seems to have no end. If ecology and relaxation is in your mind... this tour is very worth while. For this tour it's also highly recommended not to make it on your own; purchase it through a tour-operator and be escorted by an official guide.

Petroglyph on the rock has been remarked for a better view

For above tours we suggest to take a hat, very comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. For the Archaeological tour you'll have to do a little bit of walking to visit the site. For the Ecological tour take a swimming suit if you'll like to take a deep in their lagoon and seek the advice of your guide for the safest points to do so. You will have to take a short boat ride to reach the beach and camp site.

Side-Trips Colonial Cities


Morelia & Patzcuaro

Morelia & Patzcuaro (1 Day or 2 Days / 1 Night) - First, a stop in the picturesque Patzcuaro a typical Mexican style town with its famous lake. Then to Morelia, the capitol city of the State of Michoacan, considered as one the most charming colonial cities in Mexico and in 1991 declared as "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO. Visits to its famous Cathedral, the City Hall and other interesting places. Time for shopping. From US$180.00. For the overnight tour, lodging in Morelia is included.

Santa Clara del Cobre, Patzcuaro & Tzintzuntzan (1 Day) - First a visit to charming "Santa Clara del Cobre" town, world famous for its copper manufacturing. Then a visit to "Patzcuaro" and its lake. Finally a stop on "Tzintzuntzan" to visit its old Convent and a very interesting 17th. Century Church that has an immersion baptismal pool. Time for souvenirs shopping and lunch included, from US$180.00 

For above tours we suggest to take at least a sweater because it could get cold in the evenings and nights in that area. For the overnight tours some semi-formal wear is also suggested if you plan to dine in a fine restaurant. Take into consideration that you will be visiting an area away from the beach where dress code is commonly more formal.

One Day Ground Trip Tour to Acapulco from US$140.00 and up. Air conditioned transportation and great views on the way, specially around the area known as "El Calvario". You'll visit the residential and shopping areas of Acapulco, the world famous "La Quebrada" with its high cliff divers, "Fuerte de San Diego" fortress and many other interesting places. Breakfast in route and lunch in Acapulco.


A very limited number of operators offer a Monarch Butterflies Tour during their migration in winter time. It includes a visit to the "City of Morelia" and its main attractions and one night lodging. It's at least a two days tour and from approx. US$230.00 with no meals included. This tour may be extended for more nights that includes a visit to "Santa Clara del Cobre" and nearby towns. Inquire with your tour-operator.


SUNNYSIDE DMC SERVICES - TOUR-OPERADOR. Plaza Ixpamar L22, Ixtapa. 553-3790. Tours, Side-Trips, Transfers, Transportation, Incentives, Conventions, etc. sunnyside.com.mx

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