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Transportation to Town
By Air


If you come by plane you will arrive to the modern Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport facility that is located at only 15 min. from Downtown Zihuatanejo and just 20 min. from the main Boulevard in Ixtapa.

Regular direct itinerary flight services are provided by the following airlines:


-Seasonal. Usually in winter. Check with airline.
-Operate "code-shared flights" with airlines with direct routes to our resort.

As of August 27th, 2010 Mexicana/Click airlines filed for bankruptcy and suspended all domestic and international operations.

From cities where we don't have direct flights, still you can find many accessible options with easy and usually fast connections. Connections through airports in USA, Canada or Mexico City. Check with a Travel Agent or in internet.

If you're coming from abroad in a non-stop flight, be sure to have your "Tourist Card" (FMT) and "Custom Declaration" forms ready and signed before you deplane to avoid delays on the respective counters. Also, upon departing from the official area please keep your "Tourist Card" in a safe place because the law states that if you loose it, you must paid US$45.00 for a replacement card, it is not longer free.

At Customs, all luggage from international flights will go through an X-Ray check. Also, they have a traffic light for inspections. It's a random system, the percentage of red lights that will motive a luggage revision regardless of immigration status is approximately of 20% (two of every ten passengers). Families traveling together are considered as one.

Import allowances are more flexible with tourists than for nationals but for your information in case you get a red light, our law states that articles are free of taxes up to US$300.00 per person (pax). Some restrictions do apply as in the case of Cigarettes and Cigars, 20 packs or cigars per pax; Hard Liquor, 2 bottles per pax or in case of Wine, 3 bottles per pax. Excess items may be subject to duty. Also, for some food items and especially for plants, fruits and seeds fresh or packed. No problems with fishing gear, golf clubs, surfing boards, photographic camera, video equipment, laptop computer, tablet and cell phones if they are for your personal use. Temporary importation of hunting fire arms require a previous permit from the Mexican Consulate in your country.

Ground transportación Airport-Hotel

Ground transportation from Airport to Town is available through the Airport Taxi Service companies with exclusive (private) or shared services. City cabs are not allow to pick-up passengers at airport.



All services provided by the airport transportation are air conditioned.

If you're coming on your own, after picking-up your luggage and departing from the arrival terminal (or Customs lounge) at your right side you will find the Airport Taxi Service counters (TAXIS sign). You can purchase your tickets with Mexican, American or Canadian currencies. If you are coming on a package, tour, group, etc., please look for the persons holding a sign related to you, they will advise you of your transportation arrangements.

Once you leave the arrival gate people will approach you to offer assistance. Be careful in readily accepting offers or GIVING A CASH DEPOSIT on so-called "free transportation to town", "transportation refunds", "special deals on tours", "free breakfasts", etc., these are TIME-SHARE or VACATION CLUB salesmen and usually you must attend a sales section to get the benefits or a refund of your money. Also, if you need to buy transportation services (taxi), do it yourself at the counters, do not let anybody get it for you or you may be over charged. If they bother you or give you bad information, make an immediate complaint to the airport authorities!

Be advised that some transportation drivers may recommend other property than the one you have planned for lodging. The driver is probably doing it because he gets paid a commission and not necessarily because you will get a better deal or a better place. If the lodging facility has to paid commissions to drivers, think why? Be wise and use your own judgment!

At airport we suggest to tip the porters US$1.00 (MX$10.00) per big or medium size bag or per two small ones.

At our airport you'll find Rent-A-Car agencies. You may rent a car here or pick-up the car you have previously reserved through an office in another city, country or from internet. For listing of rent-a-car agencies, check "Community" in menu.

Airport information

To view airport schedule board of arrivals and departures for today in real-time click here (Courtesy: FlightStats.com, a pop-up window will open)

To view a basic floor plan of our airport for a quick orientation click here (a pop-up window will open) or if you rather visit the operator (OMA) website for full information click here (new window will open)


There is a Money Exchange House in front of the Arrival Gates. If you need to have some Mexican Pesos right away, it is the only place to do it before you get to our towns.

By Air in Charter

You may buy "packages" that include round airfare and hotel lodging or "air-only seats" (transportation only) with most Charters Companies that fly to our destination between late November through middle April of every winter season.

Start and end date of their winter program and flight frequencies will depend on the charter company and may change every season.

Charter flights are provided by the following airlines:

CANJET and other companies
By Land


If your choice is to come by land in your own or rented vehicle but if it's going to be your first time, it's wise to seek advise from reliable sources (such us) for the best and safest routes to our destination. CAPUFE from the Federal Communication & Transportation Bureau offers break-downs assistance and in case of accidents 24 hours a day on most toll-ways and many federal highways. Also, during daylight hours the Angeles Verdes (Green Angels) from the Federal Tourist Bureau, offer free motorist assistance and their coverage is in most main federal highways. More detailed information on the link provided below, check it!

If you're coming by car, on highway MEX-200 to our resort you may find alongside the road stands of "tourist information" and/or "hotel & lodging offers" Exercise precaution to avoid being misinformed or ripped-off. If you don't have a reservation, we suggest to get to our towns and check rates DIRECTLY WITH HOTELS avoiding offers from roadway and street salesmen because: a) you may be over charged; b) you may be scammed with a reservation in an inexistent lodging facility; or c) the property may exist but it will not honor your booking because the person you bought it from it's not his representative.

To read detailed information about toll-ways, highways and routes to our destination, we RECOMMEND you to click here Includes map, approx. travel times, toll-fares, tips, warnings by other motorists, emergency services and much more. Read it if you'll do the driving.

You can also travel in comfortable and luxurious buses or in less comfortable but more economic services. You will see fantastic sea views if you are coming from Acapulco or spectacular mountain sceneries if it is from El Bajio (lowlands) area.

Bus services are provided by the following companies:

FUTURA Other bus lines
-Luxury Class and/or First Class Services.
-Second Class or Economy Class Services.

Some bus lines with Luxury and First Class services use double-decker buses for runs to Mexico City, Morelia, Guadalajara, etc. Check in advance if you don't like to ride on the upper deck because there is only a few seats on the lower deck.

Companies that provide elite services include, luxury or first class bus with air conditioner, a non-stop or limited-stops (according to distances), a sandwich and soft drink when you board the bus. Most luxury services offer individual TV screens where you can choose movies, music, games, etc. and satellite WiFi internet. Runs that make stops on the way, will do it in terminals that have food shops and lay time it's usually from 15 to 20 minutes.

Many companies sell tickets through their websites in internet or by phone (in Spanish only). Most honor credit/debit cards for ticket purchases by internet, phone or at their counters in major terminals (Visa and MasterCard)

Other bus services such as Second Class, Economy Class, etc. are considerable cheaper but slower due to many stops on the way. Also, they are operated with standard buses and may not have air conditioner and/or TV.

By Sea


You can visit us aboard a Pleasure Cruise Ship with a stop-over in Zihuatanejo and said stop is between 5 to 10 hours depending on the cruise line. That will give you plenty time for your own exploration trip of our cities or enjoy one of the many and interesting tours offered by your cruiser company. You will also find enough time for souvenirs shopping and for that, we have a very large Artisans Tourist Market only 3 blocks away from the pier. We are sure that you will like our destination so much that you'll want to return soon for a great vacation with us.

If you purchased a tour onboard, upon disembarkation walk to the end of the pier (toward mainland) and look for the tour operator personnel holding a sign related to your side-trip. If you want to hire a private guide or take a Taxi, you will find their booths in this area too. If you want to be on your own for a walk in our town, make a right turn at the end of the pier to get to the fishermen's walk (beachfront promenade) that will take you to our Main Plaza where the basketball court is located (about two blocks from pier)

Cruise Ship Lines that make a port-of-call in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo during their annual Mexican Riviera programs are:

NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE and other companies

Their annual programs change and some lines may not have a route to our resort in a particular season or year.

Cruiser ships anchor in Zihuatanejo Bay and they use their own "tender boats" to bring passengers to the pier. It is a short and safe ride of approx. 5 minutes.

We suggest that if you plan to take a local tour, purchase it onboard or at the Private Guides booth at the end of the pier, do not take risks with "freelancers" that may offer these services outside the pier area (fishermen's walk, streets, etc.). Private Guide and Taxi booths at pier are setup and give services only during cruiser's operation hours.

According to surveys, a large number of tourist that disembark in Zihuatanejo for the very first time say that they will return for a full vacation in our place.

If you're planning to come in your own sailboat or yacht click here to read basic information.

Airport security

VERY IMPORTANT: Due to the incidents in USA (9-11) since December 2001 tight security measures have been implemented in our international airport to comply with TSA, FAA and ICAO regulations and recommendations.

    Passengers of International flights are required to check-in at least 90 minutes before scheduled departure and for National flights at least 60 minutes and you MUST show a valid I.D. with photo. If you don't abide by this requirement, you may not be allow to board the aircraft.
    All passengers must pass an inspection with metal detector machine before entering the departure lounge. Machine may be a standalone (booth) and/or handheld.
    All carry-on baggage and documented luggage must be manually inspected or go through a X-Ray machine before it's loaded on the plane. If they do a manual inspection it will be done in front of you.
    It's forbidden to pack in your carry-on baggage any type of explosive material, fuels, matches, solvents and acids, spray cans, any type of cutting object (knifes, scissors, cutters, nail clippers, corkscrew, glass), etc. Gels and liquids must no exceed 100ml (3.4 fl.oz.)  Any item that might represent a hazardous threat to the flight security WILL BE CONFISCATED, it will not be carry by the airline and the item will stay behind.

If you have any doubts on check-in time, carry-on baggage or luggage that will be documented, restricted items. etc., we recommend to consult the airline personnel or its local representative in advance.

Before you leave our towns we suggest to exchange your left over Mexican Pesos  to your country currency. We have a Money Exchange House at the Airport but exchange rate may be lower than in town or it may be closed.

If you are a foreigner and leaving Mexico on the flight originating in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, don't forget to return your "Tourist Card" to the airline's employee at ticket counter when documenting.

If you are leaving in an international flight, after the security check-point and inside the departure lounge there is a DUTY FREE SHOP where you can buy liquor, cigarettes, perfumes and gifts, free of taxes (they will request your flight ticket)

Duty Free

Paid and free Wi-Fi internet is available at most locations inside airport including in the departure lounge. Free service is usually slow.

Do not leave your luggage unattended because it could be picked up by security personnel and you may loose precious time getting it back.


A final tip... If by any reason your flight is delayed, don't be tempted to have too many "margaritas" or "tequilas" to kill the time, if you are in an inconvenient condition, YOU WON'T BE ALLOW TO BOARD THE PLANE


If you want to read basic information on documents required to visit Mexico, click here Also, basic list of consulates, embassies, etc.

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