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Our site is intended to be a reference guide, a travel guide and a tourist tips guide, specifically for our destination in Mexico, providing you as a future visitor, with valuable and reliable information on a broad base.

If you send us a question about our place, we will try to answer it
as good as possible but... we do not know everything!!!

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Dear visitor: Excuse our English if it is not 100% right but we did the translation ourselves
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Our website offers many tips and suggestions and are marked as...

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This website is revised at least once a week and updated as required (updates in real-time). If you find erroneous or obsolete information, PLEASE let us know because if the info is outdated, it's because we have no knowledge that a change occurred. Your help is appreciated.
This website is related only with www.ixtapa-zihuatanejo.net and is part of the promotion channels of Zihuatanejo Hotels Assoc.

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Mexico... Live it to believe it!

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